In the contemporary overview the paintress Katia Scotti stands out for the originality of her work, which ranges from painting, drawing, scenography, wall painting and frescoes. The contemporary painting represents the area of main interest of her artistic and expressive research: through the years she has perfected her easily recognisable personal style, which made her get lots of national awards and allowed her to take part to prestigious exhibitions, such as the “Contemporary Art National Prize SaturARTE” at Palazzo Stella in Genoa, the VI Biennale ‘Il De Nittis “Sustainability through the time” at Palazzo Beltrani in the city of Barletta, upon invitation of the curator of the Giuseppe De Nittis Anna Soricaro Foundation. She has taken part to several collective exhibitions in London, among them: International Contemporary Art Fair at Meliá White House Hotel and at Meliá White House Hotel in collaboration with Le Dame Gallery, exhibitions by Janeto and Miguel Mallol Sanchis. In 2017 she is among those artists, awarded during the soirée “Art Style Solidarity”. The prize was awarded by the President of the Historical Studies Centre of Mestre, by the Cultural Association Trasparenze.

Katia Scotti has also made several frescoes and murals, particularly in the area of Belluno. In her work, Nature is strong, rules, invades and expands in the artificiality of the man- made structures, but at the same time, what man creates, finds new ways to integrate in a more authentic harmony than the one of the world we know. Every element painted by her, takes with itself an emotion, a memory, a signal which pushes to see beyond what appears on the canvas and invites the observer to wonder about the emotions arising from that view and, ultimately, on life itself.