Pittrice contemporanea Italiana



I seek to convey positive emotions in my work – and convince the viewer that the world is a better place than it appears to be on the surface. Landscapes and dreamlike situations are recurrent subjects: I choose elements that are both natural and man-made, fusing them together in a dreamlike alternative reality.- a reality where day-to-day experiences and objects are liberated from the conventional laws of physics. A storm-tossed sea is enclosed in a glass cage; a huge wave breaks on a mirrored floor; an architectural structure is transformed into a sand dune; a bridge is built over a massive and theoretically unbridgeable abyss – and so on. Nature is strong, forever dominating, invading and expanding the man-made landscape – yet man always seems to find new ways to bring it back into balance. Each and every element I paint carries a feeling, a memory, a signal: they encourage people to see beyond what appears on the canvas, inviting them to question emotions that are triggered when they do and ultimately meditate on the nature of life itself.

Texts in English by Robin Saikia.


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