Pittrice contemporanea Italiana



In the contemporary Italian painter Katia Scotti stands out for the originality of his works, ranging from painting, scenography, mural painting and frescoes.

Born in Feltre (BL) the 2/13/1979, attended the art school Leonardo da Vinci in Belluno, where he obtained his graduation in 1997, then he moved to Venice where he attended the Academy of fine arts painting course held by teachers Mirella Brugnerotto and Eugene Comencini.

She graduated in 2002, in 2005 he obtained a teaching certificate for pictorial disciplines, drawing and art history and art education at the University Ca ‘ Foscari of Venice.
In 2009 she obtained a master’s degree in television and theatrical set design at the Academy of fine arts in Venice.
Having already produced several murals, from 2013 has specialized in fresco painting.

Since 2006 she teaches drawing and art history in secondary schools, but quit to devote himself to his main passion: art.

Contemporary painting represents the privileged field of its artistic and expressive: in the research has perfected a personal style easily recognizable that led her to obtain numerous awards at national level and to participate in prestigious exhibitions, like the national contemporary art Award SaturARTE of Genoa and the collaboration with the Fondazione Giuseppe DE Nittis of Barletta.

It has always been fascinated by the world of dreamy, from which it draws inspiration for many of his works, which often creates surreal spaces suspended in the clouds; Indeed, as the artist says: “I paint new dimensions and places where man can embrace the infinite”.


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